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I contacted support a few times and received fast replies, but this last one went unanswered so I'll post it here in hopes Paul sees it....


1) I had a total pc melt down... had to buy A new unit.. I was able to install CM2015 and received a new Activation code very fast (thank you).. the issue I'm having is the online back up of my data base will not restore, can you retrieve it for me?

2) I attempted to re-enter my collection (1,000's of coins, not looking forward to that) When doing that I noticed no coins entered had any information (please look at the image below)

3) It was posted that CM16 would come out a few weeks ago.. where is it??

no info.PNG

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Hi, we were able to fix this.  It was a problem in the last build, can you select HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from the main menu.  It will download the latest update that we just put up this morning.

The CoinManage 2016 has been delayed, mainly because we want to put in a nice way to enter sets, right now it can be confusing to figure out which category a particular set, proof set, commemorative set is listed under.


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