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Import list of employees

Guest Mass

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Found it myself.

File --> Import ans select a csv

I used CSVDE command to export list of user if my active directory
Example: this will export last name, first name and email
csvde -f output.csv -d "OU=ABC,OU=Users,OU=LONDON,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM" -r "(objectClass=user)" -l "givenName,mail,initials,sn"


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Hi, thanks for the follow up, yes you can import from an Excel spreadsheet.  It is best to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file before importing to remove any Excel formatting that can cause problems when importing.

We do not currently support direct import from Active Directory.

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Guest Property guy

could someone PLEASE explain the exact and proper process to import a list of employees into assetmanage software? I have a list of about 200 employees that I'd like to import. The file is in CSV format. It contains Lastname, First name, and phone numbers. The following steps that I have been doing are as follows:

1) File then select "Import"

2) The CSV file is selected. The import data window shows the contents within the file.  I selected "Employees" under 'Import To'.

3)  The window shows the heading contents under the "Source Field Names"  which are Lastname, First name, and phone numbers

4) Trying to select the respective fields for Lastname, First name, and phone numbers under the "Destination Field"...They were all BLANK.

5) Clicked "Ok" but nothing was imported.

Please help. I am testing the software before I purchase for my employer.



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