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Question about images and text data


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I purchased Home Manage some time ago, but am getting around to inputting a lot of items and attachments (e.g. PDF files).


Would you please tell me how this data file works?  Meaning, are all items, images, and attachments located and saved in one file?



All text data is stored in the ASSETS.MDB file.  You can see where its located by selecting FILE > GOTO DATA FOLDER from the main menu.  The images are stored in individual .JPG files.  You can see what folder by selecting FILE > GOTO IMAGES FOLDER.  Attachments... we simply store a pathname to the attachment in the data file.   Storing the attachments in the data file would cause problems.



Also, once I add an image can I then delete the original image off my computer and only have the image saved within the data file of the program?



yes, as we create a new .jpg image file in the IMAGES folder.


Thank you for helping me understand this, and anything else I should know about this file.

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