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Using fields when creating a custom report


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I am trying to create a simple custom report that includes the following information (fields) in the data line: Coin.Year, Coin.Mint, Coin.Type, Coin.Variety, Values.VG, Values.F, Values.VF, Values.EF, Values.AU, Values.UNC. This would enable me to print a wantlist for browsing at a seller with values differentiated by grade. I have tried using the Values.AllValues Field, but that is just too cramped to be practical.

Now, the problem I am facing is that all «Values.XX» fileds return a uniform 10.00 value. How do I get the correct values per grade for coins?

As a request: Is it possible to publish a

list of fields that can be used when creating reports? I have found nothing under «help» and stumbled across the Values.XX fields simply by chance.

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