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Importing Picture results in duplication of that file

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I just upgraded to StampManage USA 2016 and while the experience was alright i am encountering a problem. I recently started collecting FDCs and i figure i would start storing those photos for references purposes. This is likely a user problem so please bear with me as i explain this. I add a stamp, specify the number fill out the information and the cachet type then head on over to the "Picture of my Stamp Page" and attempt to import a picture. BTW the capture from Webcam is nice feature, I will stick to my camera phone as the image quality is a tad crisper.
I noticed two things:

  1. Selecting Import and then selecting my photo (which i coped to desired location), it duplicates the photo in the folder, is this by design or am i importing incorrectly?
  2. Selecting the Import and then selecting the Straighten and Crop button the process runs and hits an error (out of memory). My system is Windows 10 with 48GB Ram and StamManage is using less than 125MB  of memory. is it due to the size of the images? screenshot provided for item one shows the original files as <scortts#><Type><Detail>.jpg (1002FDC_ArtCraft.jpg)

Thanks in advance, any guidance would be greatly appreciated




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the problem is almost certainly due to the size of the image.  Check the size of some scanned images, they are often enormous.

When you use the import in the Images tab, it will make a copy of the I'm image, convert it to a JPG if necessary, then create a new JPG file in the user's images folder

The new image file will have the format:


where xx is the unique internal ID of the stamp and y is which of the 4 possible images that each stamp record can contain.


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