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New user trying trial - problems with little help

Guest Dennis Mitton

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Guest Dennis Mitton

Hi all,

I'm standing here waving eighty bucks around for a full program but no one seems interesting in answering question and taking my money. Before I bag this altogether I figured 's try the forum out.

I use a rather lightweight Toshiba laptop. Purchased new a few months ago with Win 10 and a bunch of crap ware. Deleted what I can and work almost exclusively off an external drive.

Downloaded the US demo and really liked it. Before I pulled the drigger I wanted to see the whole program so downloaded the full shebang and got nothing. Tried it about four times to no avail. Have sought email support with the same big nothing.

I removed the program and cleaned up the directly and then deleted the downloaded file. Down loaded again and just tried the executable file. It takes forever. And then, in the end, it created a directory named Stamp Manage and two empty sub-directories, Data and MyImages. 

I would like to purchase the program but not if it doesn't work with my system. 

Any ideas or help?



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Hi, do you know how to use a program called REGEDIT.EXE  ?

If so, you can run this program, then go into the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\StampManage section and DELETE it.  Then try installing the Deluxe version again.

Here is a YouTube video showing how to use REGEDIT

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