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Questions re attachments and reports

Guest Tessa

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Guest Tessa

When I enter information into HomeManage, I leave the "image" options for actual images of the item, and use "attachment" to link to one or more PDFs of receipts for the item.  This works really well within the program itself - clicking on the link opens the PDF no problem.  But when I try to export the data into an Excel worksheet, the path information in the attachment fields doesn't export into the Excel file.  Also, I don't see any report template for a HomeManage report that includes that path information.  Am I missing something?  Also, I thought I would try to create my own report with the attachment path information shown or even with the actual PDF printing out.  (According to the manual, you can set up a "PDF" field to include the PDF in the report.)  However, the attachment information is in its own data source, which doesn't seem to have any correlating field in the basic Asset data source.  So I can't seem to get the attachment data associated with a particular asset into a report. Right now I'm thinking it would be useful to be able to see which of my entries are missing a receipt, so I can go find them.  In the future, I'm thinking it would be really useful to print out the receipt information for items that have been donated to charity.  Is there a way to generate a report that shows the asset with its related attachment information? 

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