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Adding stamp picture without Scott number


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I am trying to create a collection of my rugby stamps. For some of these I cannot find the Scott number ( an example, South Korea 4 Oct 1963 44th National Athletic Games, Mi KR500) I put a picture of the stamp in the correct country folder in the database, naming it MiKR500.jpg, but it would not come up in Stamp Manage 2016. Any suggestions?

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Clarked, Scott number is the key for displaying the stamp in the database.  Make up a 'scott number' for the stamp if it does not exists.   I.E.   unk55   name the image the same thing in the proper coutry folder.  It will display.   typically, what I will do is to create a new category under the appropriate country for non-scott listed stamps called either 'unknown' or 'unlisted' and create the 'bogus' scott number stamps in those categories - please do NOT use typical scott number ranges when making these stamps to avoid potential conflicts...    i.e.   use a prefix like I indicated 'unk' or somthing similar.  not P or J or O or any of the other typical prefikes that Scott Uses.  Even Mi would be a good prefix to use if that's where you are finding them   ;-) 

Good luck and enjoy....


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also...I neglected to mention in my earlier post....   the stamp that you listed as an example IS a Scott listed stamp (Korea 412 - Rugby and Torch Bearer).   It has just not yet been created in the Stamp Manage Database.   

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Thank you- this is a great help.  As a 'for example'- I want to add Japanese Telegraph stamps, which are not listed in Scott.

There are 10 of them.  In the Sakura catalog they are listed as TE1 - TE10.  So following your recommendation, I would add a new category under Japan for Unlisted- Telegraph Stamps, then I would give the individual fake Scott numbers (keeping them basically same as Sakura for simplication.  So Sakura TE8 could be Scott unlTE8 (unl for unlisted). Then of course any detail such as printing, perf, etc.  Then add to my collection or want list with album identifiers, page, column, row, etc.  And I could manually enter value information from the other catalog (and I think I would enter the year of that catalog printing, since no automatic updates will be coming.

I'm sure I will also do this for my Olympic Games collection, where so many issues came from the Desert Shiekdom countries which Scott never listed.  But Michel does, so I do the exact same procedure from the Michel information, giving them fake Scott numbers which will never clash with real Scott numbers.

I am torn what to do with things like Romania souvenir sheets.  During the cold war years, they would issued sets and 2 or 3 souvenir sheets, and often Scott only lists one souvenir sheet and "footnotes" the other two.  So these are items that Scott does mention, but doesn't assign a Scott number (but sometimes shows a value).   For example

A Scott set might be





1206a souvenir sheet - perf - red color

footnote: an imperf souvenir sheet also exists in blue color, value $10.

In a case like this, I'm thinking about adding them as 1206a.01- and go ahead and describe it as Scott did.  (all of these are in the Michel catalog, by the way.

This way, the stamp gets "attached" to the same set of Stamps as Romania issued it, and as Scott acknowledges in their footnote, without parking it in a whole separate Category where it would be an orphan.

Any comments, suggestions, or things I've overlooked?

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