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New update available


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Hi Paul,

I have been waiting for this update to be released. 

In order to get it you have to go to this page:


Then download CoinManage trial version:  http://www.libertystreet.com/forums/coinmanage_downloads.htm

It will save as CoinMng2017Deluxe.exe

Then don't uninstall what you have already, just install this over it. 

It should import all of your tables and data once you start it up.

Then it starts your 30 day trial so you would have to activate it within 30 days.

What I did was to download the file, then I backed up my CoinManage Database, then my whole computer, then I installed it.  That way if it messed anything up I could restore my system.  

When I was done with the upgrade I did notice a few Coin Manage database editor entries that were split apart and so duplicated.  I was able to fix those by restoring my CM database file.




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Again, I find myself questioning update/upgrade issues. I would like to know if this new upgrade is THE final upgrade this forum was talking about occurring in September. If so, how to upgrade to that latest version. I understand the upgrade is nominally priced versus the full 'no previous version' price. I would like to upgrade to the Deluxe version from the regular 2013 version. Help please?

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