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CoinManage 2017 If It crashes on Startup


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A customer just called and was experiencing crashes when starting CoinManage 2017.  He is in IT and figured out a workaround.

Basically, you run the program TURBOACTIVATE.EXE the will be found in the same folder as COINMANAGE.exe


\\Program Files\CoinManage


\\Program Files (x86)\CoinManage

when you run TURBOACTIVATE.EXE it will ask for the CoinManage license code. Enter the code and exit.  Then run CoinManage again you should no longer experience the crash.  We are working on a new build that will fix this problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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After running TurboActivate I now get: Activation Error - There are network adapters on the system that are disabled and Turboactivate couldn't read their hardware properties (even after trying and failing to enable the adapters automatically). Enable the network adapters, re-run this wizard, and TurboActivate will be able to "remember" the adapters even if the adapters are disabled in the future.

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hi, the company that makes our licensing code has just released a new update that will hopefully fix this problem that a couple customers have received .  We need to integrate it CoinManage and will get a new build out in a day or 2 will inform you when it can be downloaded.

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