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I see that I can attach a pdf to an item under the attachment tab. I added a pdf and it opened ok, however when I delete the file from "my doc" on my computer, it no longer can be opened. It appears the "attachment" it is just a link to the file on your computer rather than a true attachment. Is that correct?

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I'm currently trialing the software as well and this is a significant drawback. While I understand that the attachments can cause some instabilities this causes major issues for backups. Should the user lose a computer or storage device, in a fire for example, the path and the file attachment would have to be duplicated exactly in order to restore your inventory from backup. Scanning receipts as a JPG and putting them into the item as an image might be a suitable alternative despite receipts often being in PDF format. However a receipt that gets scanned and attached in a portrait format appears to get excluded from report documents. In my testing, only images that are attached in landscape seem to turn up on reports. That leaves attachments as the best way to add a receipt to an item in order for a report to give an all-in-one-place sort of document. Even if the software were to create a copy of the attachment to another directory and have the database link to that so that it gets exported along with the backup file there would be an increase in functionality. This seems to be a major dealbreaker for me.

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I just discovered this after purchasing HomeManage 2017 and uploading all of our data.  Wish this would have been made more clear before I purchased this software.  I had the impression this was an "all inclusive" package.  Outside of this major hiccup, the software has been great!

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