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'too few parameters' error

Guest TomP

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Every time I open cm deluxe, it says 'too few parameters. expected 1' every single time I launch the program. I've reinstalled it, re-downloaded it and yet it continually does this. Help please?

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Guest Too few parameters.

The error is exactly "Too few parameters. Expected 1."

Can someone please respond as to why this might be. I have a valid CURRENT subscription so I'm only asking for the support that supposedly accompanied my purchase. Please?!? I have CM deluxe. I have uninstalled, re-installed. re-downloaded and reloaded the program in the variety of ways stated several times over. Still same error. Will someone PLEASE RESPOND? Why do I have to BEG and submit multiple posts to try and get any answer?

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Guest STILL, no answer

I contacted via 'official' channels through email and still, no response. Support virtually does NOT exist except when sales pushes (end of year upgrades) happen. ZERO support.

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Guest Support doesn't exist.

Still waiting for an answer to the 'too few parameters. Expected 1.' resolution. It must have stumped their find knowledgable support staff. Maybe Santa will bring me an answer.

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Guest George 14

    2016 Review of Coin Inventory Software

    This is a review of the following coin inventory software:
Coin Manage by Liberty Street Software
Coin Catalogue Pro by DB-Pros
Exact Change by Wildman Software

Exact change has a great comparison chart too that gives you a pretty good rundown on a lot of the programs.  It is here: http://www.exactchange.info/compare.htm

and a mention about Collector’s Assistant by Carlisle Development
    To start off, I was looking for a software program that had the following features:
Standard features like date purchased, purchase price, buyers name, date sold, selling price, sellers name.  
Because I collect world coins I needed a program that would allow me to separate my collection into separate databases.  
Because I like to manually input the current value I give my coins, I didn’t care about automatic updates of prices although I am sure it is an important feature for many of you.  
Place to add certification numbers and lookup of certification numbers.
Ability to add and display photos.
Ability to add any coin
Ability to add bullion
Ability to add gold and silver bullion weights (asw)
Input spot price of gold and silver
Automatically calculate bullion values
Automatic lookup of certified coins
Reports that show the following:
Collection list using inventory numbers.
Total price paid for entire collection
Report showing current value for entire collection
Report showing gold and silver weight of entire collection
report showing bullion value of entire collection based on current spot price
Other Features:
auction site collaboration

    First of all I tried Collector’s Assistant software to inventory my coins and bullion for $99.  It was 4 years ago.  I collect world coins as well as U.S. coins so I needed to buy a separate database for the World Coins $29.99.  This was the most expensive software that I have tried.  The ongoing upgrade costs are the most expensive also.  I spent many hours inputting coins from my collection but in the end I thought that the program was too convoluted and it just wasn’t for me.  It had too steep of a learning curve and in the end I just gave up.  They offer a money back guarantee which they honored.  I will say that this program may be a perfect fit for many coin collectors and they give very good customer service.   

    Next I tried Exact Change.  It cost $99. with free upgrades for life.      They have in my opinion the best World Database of coins.  Even if you don’t use their program to inventory your coins, it is a really nice reference tool.  They have the most extensive photos of coins too in my opinion.  In addition to using the Sheldon scale you can setup your own grading scale which I did for bullion.
    Exact Chage puts out pricing information regularly that I believe is based on Coin World data.  It is also free to update along with software updates.  
    I did have some trouble getting the updates to work but Exact Change has excellent support and it wasn’t hard to fix the problem.  
    You can put in the value of your coins as bullion value or bullion value + a percentage.  Then you manually input the gold and silver, palladium and platinum price and it will automatically calculate the value of those coins or bullion.  
    Exact Change has stats for each database where you can at a glance, see total number of entries, price paid, current value, change is $, chang in %, total weight of collection, total ounces of Silver, total ounces of gold.  
    They have a bunch of reports you can run also.  
    Exact Change is sort of clunky program.  It doesn’t cater for certified coins.
    It also doesn’t take your coin out of the inventory when you sell it.  I ended up just deleting the coins I sold.  

    Then I bought Coin Manage.  It has a ton of good features.  To begin with your coins are prominently displayed as soon as you open the program.  
    Another good feature is that you can have multiple collections all display with the one instance of the program running.  I had collections for bullion and separate collections for coins and separate collections for business coins.  There is a display that appears for each collection that shows you how many items are in each collection along with the Total Cost and Total Value.   It saves time over other programs where you have to run a report to get these figures.  
    Coin Manage gets their value information from PCGS and their program caters to PCGS coins.  CM has a tool for entering in PCGS graded coins.  But they also have separate submission forms for submission to both PCGS and NGC.          
    They have inventory numbers that are handy for an easy identification of your items.  
    They have a clone button to make it easy to enter in those 300 dimes you have.      
    CM utilizes barcodes and has a barcode lookup feature.  
    They show you ebay auctions of coins you want.  
    When you sell a coin it moves the coin out of your active collection to a sold coin folder.  
    They have an excellent backup function.  It backs up your whole collection into one file.  I found it was possible to backup my database from my desktop and import it into my laptop easily without losing data.  (As long as your data and images folder are both pointing to the same place)
    CM has fields for you to enter bullion weights in ounces so the program has the ability to calculate how much bullion value there is in your collection.  Getting the information out of the program is another story.  It will give you a report if you have set the value of the coin / bullion bar to bullion value.  But if it is a coin that has both numismatic and bullion value it will not report that coin’s bullion weight.  
    Speaking of reports there are lots of them.  They have reports and can create labels.  Out of all the reports there were I only found a few that I used.  Besides a total bullion weight report, there was noticeable missing a simple inventory list program.  
    The customer service is hit and miss (that’s being generous).  There is a customer service forum so if you’re feeling lucky you can post your problem there.  I posted a request to have a report showing the bullion values along with the inventory numbers and the admin said they would do it but never did.          

    Coin Catalog Pro by DB-Pros

To be continued

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Guest George 14

    Coin Catalog Pro by DB-Pros

CCP is a pretty basic, MS Access type of program with a few dynamic features.  
It costs $58.95 and there are no annual updates required.  
The best things I like about this program are - in no particular order,
You can export your entire collection to Excel.  
You can do a cert verify for your certified coins instantly.
You can easily see the total weight and bullion value of your entire collection(s).

Things that it is no so good at:
There are no inventory control numbers.
Photos of your coins do not appear automatically.  
All coin values have to be manually entered.  
There is no feature to automatically update your bullion values on each coin/bar.  

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