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Multiple entries of same stamp


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I have started adding varieties of various stamps to my collection.  I began by adding the various Scott #11s which I have.  These are stamps which have different color and/or postmarks, and are plated.  When I type in 11 in the add stamp window and fill in the information, I then add the picture of the stamp and try to go on to the next stamp.  However, the new entry overwrites the previous entry and I don't have a second entry.  I have tried renaming the Scott number to something like 11A-1 and if the program accepts the new entry, it is not found anywhere near the other Scott 11 in the database.  I find it at the end of the entire database and have not figured out how to have it show with the other 11. I have renamed the stamp to 11A - 1 and the same thing happens.  I have 121 varieties of Scott 10, 10A, 11 and 11A which I would like to include in my inventory and have them show in their proper place and not at the end of the database.

I did notice the Edit Variety Information when I right click on the main stamp.  That has caused numerous problems which I made me thankful for the backup file.  Also, if I figure out how to properly add a variety using that portion of the program, doing that for each variety of stamp I have (and I have many, many others not just 10, 10A, 11 and 11A stamps) would be very time consuming and then I would have to enter the information of the stamp after I have created the new variety.

Is there an easier way to include non-catalog listed varieties, postmarks, various double transfers, cracked plates and other minor errors other than the only way I have found which seems to work sometimes as mentioned in the paragraph above?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Lauren Sobkoviak, aka Ashrunner, Redmond, Oregon

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If you check the Data Manager you will find all of the minor varieties listed already for everything in the Scott Specialized Catalogue.  I uploaded them to Liberty street a couple of years ago. 

Examples are

11.01 is the Orange Red variety

11.27 is Gash on shoulder variety

11.31 is Lines on bust and bottom of medallion circle recut variety.

I assume these are still in the program, as I always use my backup copy of the database.

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12 hours ago, erthur said:

Try using the numbering system 11.01, 11.02, 11.03, etc. for varieties. This has worked for me.

erthur  --  Thanks for reply.  I shall try that convention as it seems to work as shown by dickelliott's post.  I do have a question about it before I try using this process.  When I attempted to enter 11-1 (or something similar to that a while back), my database got all messed up after I applied that convention.  Images of my original #11 were changed to those of the new entry and changing the image back to the original, changed the new entry.  It was driving me up a wall. I ended up restoring a slightly older backup and forgoing my attempt to add multiple entries until I had a better grip on how to do it.  What I did was change the Scott number in box on the add window and I believe that is where I messed everything up.  When I use the 11.07 convention, where do I place the new number?  Do I change it from the Add Stamp window or do I need to make a Data Manager list such as that dickelliott did?

Dickelliott  --  I looked over your additions to the 3c Washingtons and there are a few I can use.  I appreciate your reply, but I am looking more for the ability to include items with special postmarks of very colors and include a photo of that particular stamp.  Can I use the minor varieties listing you uploaded, but change pertinent information for my use?

Thanks for the replies.  It seems the older I get, the more difficult it is figure out what used to be programs I easily understood.

Lauren Sobkoviak, aka Ashrunner, Redmond, Oregon

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I would either add a new entry through DataManager, example the last variety under Scott 11 is 11.35.  Make a new one 11.36 etc. or find the one you want if it is listed and add whatever info you want through the DataManager.  All entries must be in the Datamanager before you can add it to your collection.  If it is already in Datamanager you can add it to your collection the normal way and add say, the cancellation info under the additional info window say in the comments box.

In regards to your sorting issue.  Access sorts all text fields like this

11, 11a, 11A, 110, 11.01 are sorted in this order 11, 11.01, 110, 11a, 11A.  Hope this answers your questions.


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dickelliott -- I have been using the method you mention above regarding multiple entries of the same stamp.  In the process, I have noticed mistakes in what I input.  However, when I try to correct the problem after I have put it in the DataManager, I have found I am unable to change the original entry.  What happens is the new data is placed in DataManager and the old entry is maintained.  I would prefer to remove the old entry, but cannot find a way of deleting it permanently from DataManager.

Is there a way to do it?  Or am I stuck with the old entries that will be ignored? 

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1- the problem when you add a Scott number like 11a-1 etc. The stamp does not sort properly, it is placed at the end of the list.  It is a bug in the program.  I had this same problem, and was able to fix it by going into the main program through MS Access.  The way you talk this would be way over your head.

2- I suggest that you add a stamp the normal way and look if the variety is listed (example Scott 11 Gash on the shoulder is listed as 11.27).  If your variety is not listed, add the stamp as Scott 11, click on the Additional Information tab at the top of the data entry form and put whatever info you want there.

3- From the main screen go to Tools Menu then choose Preferences, then choose Columns.  From the drop down list choose Showing Category.  From there you can choose which columns show and in what order.

You cannot duplicate Scott Numbers in DataManager, but you can have multiple listings of the same Scott Number in your collection, that is why I made the above suggestion.

Hope this helps you.  Let me know


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