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Can't Find data file


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I accidentally deleted by data file from my computer but I do have a backup on an external drive.  When I try to open the program, it keeps telling me i have the wrong path.  (I tried extracting the backup file and copying the assets.mdb file to multiple locations but it still does not work.  I see one help topic says to copy the file to,the data folder, which can be found in the Tools-Preference tab, but I cannot open the tools folder because I cannot open the program. I also tried to uninstall the program (Home Manage 2014), and install a free trial version of 2017.  Still getting the same message.  I'd just like to open the program as if I am a new user, then import my data from backup.  Can you help?




Hi, when you get the error message it should show you the option to open the

File on your hard drive.  Click the YES button then navigate to the folder

Where you copied your older data file.




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