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question about PROOF coins


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Specifically, I have a single coin, the Silver Eagle 1990 S, where the fact sheet, says Proof.  The software shows 6 categories from PF-65 thru PF-70.  Since this coin came from the US Mint, and I am the only owner, and it is still in the original sealed plastic, would it be proper to choose PF-70?




Hi, you can choose PROOF, but when we Set values for USA proof coins they are in Grades PF-60 to PF-70,


So you would not see a generic value for PROOF coins. 


We have values in the PROOF category usually For countries that don’t use the numeric Grading scale such as the UK.


Even though you bought from the US Mint and are the only owner, does not necessarily mean the coin has the perfect grade of PF-70.


For your coin, you could have it graded by PCGS and get the exact numeric value, or just assign it a value such as PF-67. 


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