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Stamp Manage Discs arrived


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1 minute ago, patillserv said:

The video is useless, the speaker is totally overpowered by the music.  Can't hear a word being said.

?? are you referring to the music that plays when the DVD is inserted and the popup menu appears?  Just take the DVD out and watch the video.  Then follow the steps with our DVD, there is maybe 2 seconds of music in the video so it is the DVD.


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1/ Insert DVD in your computer

2/ Usually Windows will popup a window ask you to select what to do with the DVD you just inserted.  Click on the popup.

3/ Select RUN AUTOEXEC.exe

4/ When the STAMPMANAGE install menu comes up.


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Ok, I'm installing on a laptop and the computer was completely locked up, so I removed the battery after unplugging the computer.  That shut it down completely and the reboot seemed normal. Stamp Manage 2017 asked for the activation code and all seems to be ok!  I still have not seen the video, but it seems I did everything right.

Thanks for your help

David Theobald

For those of us who cannot rely on the internet to download Stamp Manage, It would be very helpful if you would supply the Getting Started Guide in printed form as before.  I'd be willing to pay more to receive it.

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Hi, yes it was not the correct procedure, you should have left it there.  Can you install again to the same folders, the default folders shown in the Setup program.

If you have more problems, come to our CONTACT US page and click on the LIVE SUPPORT button.

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