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Adding Vehicles

Guest bmax

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Currently using trial version to determine if I want to purchase. Would like to add my vehicles to the database but not seeing the way to do this. Under view show Vehicles I see all the categories associated with a vehicle but how do I actually add one?

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Guest Another Guest

The question which naturally follows is;

How is it possible to delete a vehicle in the Vehicles view - I added one (with no items assigned to it), clicked on it and selected delete, after confirming "are you sure" message had "error" and program crashed.

Re-open program, vehicle is still there, click delete ... vehicle view is not deleted !!

(Incidetally ... I have the purchased verion, Just playing with vehicle to see if it will give me anything extra which I can use)

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Hi Admin,

[ View -> Show->Vehicles - Select the vehicle to delete on the panel on the right, then try to delete]

Definitely "Delete Vehicles" which have no assets assigned doesn't delete them for me (HomeManage

I also found once a vehicle has been assigned on the asset details screen, it is not possible to remove the assignation - it only allows the ability to select the same or another vehicle, this only really leaves the option to delete an asset to disassociate it from the vehicle.


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I am also evaluating the software and cannot delete a vehicle.   I set up the vehicle and immediately went to delete it and cannot do so.   I have not assigned any assets to the vehicle nor have I associated the vehicle with anything (not even sure what that means).   What do I need to clear to be able to delete the vehicle?

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I have an asset that I accidentally assigned to a vehicle.  I can't seem to clear out the vehicle from the asset.  How do I do this?  I have only 1 vehicle entered.  In the asset properties it is assigned to that vehicle.  A solution would be to be able to select a blank selection for vehicle, but there is only that one vehicle to choose.  I cannot do anything else.  

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