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I waited to install my additional images


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this is just from adding the additional images dvd. but it won't allow me to open the program without adding the code  I did install the first disc over a month ago and activated it.  that is all ive done  I dont think ive done any updates...but i'm not sure.  I certainly didn't do the one that I just received an email about.



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Hi, ok that's good news.  The Additional Image just puts a few thousand more image files on your hard drive, we will look but can't see how it would cause any license issues.

For DVD buyers, unless you have slow internet, it is usually easier to install the additional images by selecting:


from the main menu.

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Here is another question for you.

Back in 2013 when I first bought your Stamp Manage Deluxe software, I was intending to collect US, Canada, UN, and maybe more.  I started with the US, I'm still only collecting US.  Is there any way to "downgrade" from Deluxe to USA only?

I won't do this until next year of course.



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