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Searching by current location or set info

Guest Dennis

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Guest Dennis


I just installed the program today on my Windows 10 laptop. I started adding coins to my database and realized one had been sold. So I tried using the "move coins" feature. When the list comes up asking where to move it to, the "Sold Coins" folder is not one of the options. Also, if I select "Sold Coins" folder on left column then click on the "add Coins" button it adds it to the "My Collection" folder instead! I've been an IT guy most of my life and it seems to be some sort of corruption in the "Sold Coins" folder. So maybe deleting that folder and recreating it might work? 

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Guest Dennis

I didn't type the above today, but rather months ago, not sure why it posted it again today?  :huh:

Anyway, that issue is resolved. My new question is that when I was first learning to use the program I assigned some coins to sets, now I want to see which coins are in those sets so I can remove them from the sets then delete the sets that were created. The search function allows me to search on text in certain fields but does not seem to allow me to search where the field "set info" = "whatever". Is there a way to do this?

I also want to be able to search on "Current Location" to make sure I moved all the coins from one location to another and didn't miss any. Then I want to delete the old location name. I'm assuming once I learn how to do the "set info" procedure then the instructions would be the same for the "current location", right?

Thanks!  ;)

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Hi, the way it works currently is a coin is moved to the SOLD COINS folder if any of the following is true:

the SOLD DATE is not empty

the SELLING PRICE is not empty

the SOLD TO field is not empty

some people are confused by this so we will try to work on a better solution.  The reasoning behind this is that if any of those fields are not empty, the coin has been sold and should be moved out of inventory.

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Guest Ummm, read it again (2nd m

Yeah, you need to ignore my first message as I stated that I typed it months ago, but your system reposted it for some reason? 

Anyway, the 2nd post is my current question. I figured out that I can search on the location field, but not the "sets" field. But how do I remove an item from one of those lists once I no longer use it? 


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