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Report showing stamps with no image

Guest Cliff

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Guest Cliff

Is it possible to produce a report that shows stamps in my collection that do not have an image.  I would like to make this list so I can take pictures of my stamps and add them to the database. In the past I have just gone through the collection and written down the scott number of the stamps without images.   It would be convenient to have a printed report that I could refer to.




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Hi Cliff

StampManage uses an Microsoft Access Database.

 The program calls for the stamp image which is held outside the database and returns with the relevant stamp image. However there is no flag within Access to show NO image present.

Have done lots of research on this question, but to date there does not seem to be a solution.

Currently working on a method to import the relevant stamp sizes, as some of the images are of an unacceptable quality (too small) and some images are over 50kb per image (fine for Sheets,) but not acceptable for single stamps, as it makes the image files, too big. Importing the stamp size would enable Reports to be generated of missing images, however the Report would be out of date the minute a new image is added.

As a major user of Access I have written a program that  can 'Cut and Paste' a image into a single database screen. The image (if I accept it) is then saved into its image file, using the Scott numbering system. This helps overcome the many errors that seem to be occurring. The single database screen displays the denomination and the Scott number.(Year, Colour, description, watermark and Perforations etc are also displayed in many instances.

Database covers some 605,000 items coupled with 273,000 Cloud based images. The British Commonwealth is particularly well covered, but it is a difficult area with Pairs, Sheets, Setsto contend with.



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