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Image and attachment file names

Guest Guest Beth

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Guest Guest Beth

I have several questions about Home Manage before I install the trial.  I need to create a huge insurance claim in Excel, referencing the photo (jpg) and receipt (jpg or pdf) file names, but then provide them those files separately, so:

1. Are the image file names available as a field for the insurance report?  Or at least a custom report?

2. What about file names for other attachments like PDFs?

3. If I import photos with a data import, or by drop & drag images, etc, are my original filepath/filename kept anywhere in HM?

4.  Do I have any control over image and/or attachment filenames?

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Guest HMGuest

I second the need to keep original filenames!  I'm OK with the current "Asset#####.jpg" naming as long as I can append the original filename (e..g. Asset51-IMG_1234.jpg).

Since we're on the topic, it would also be nice to have the images in the AssetImages directory keep the original EXIF data, especially the Origin information (Date taken, etc.).



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I just started using Home Manage.  I have asset pictures organized by location.  I add an asset, and attach pictures that are already stored on my computer, and the program saves another copy in a different location with the asset number on it.  I will have to add another hard drive to be able to store the unneeded duplicate pictures.  Not an efficient way to do things - I will not be going any further with this program....going back to attic manager.

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