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Block Of 4 Values


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==== QUESTION ===


You have a nice product.

In testing it I and entered U.S. 1175. I wanted to see how it handled multiple items in inventory.

It gave a single stamp value of $.25. I then selected a block of 4. It returned the same value of $.25, it seemed it should at least return a $1.00 (4x$.25). Can you explain. Do I have to enter the value.


==== ANSWER ===


Hi, if the stamp does not have an individual value for “Block of 4”

Or possibly “Plate Block” you would need to manually enter the value.


We don’t calculate values as that can lead to problems, such as a rare stamp that is worth many times more as a block of 4 than as a single stamp.


To find the market value of more valuable stamps, you can right mouse click on the stamp and select one of the eBay search options.  This will give you an idea of how much those stamps are selling for on the internet.


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Guest Colin Pattrick

Think its better:-

If you do a denomination search of the Denomination Field, then  "$0.25; x 4" would find $0.25 stamps in block of four. Don't like "$1.00 (4x$.25)"

Consider Blocks of four have differant valuations than just (4x) should be entered as a separate stamp, with valuations for the block.

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