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Missing a Country in StampManage Catalog

Gerry F

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A few evenings ago, while posting images to existing records that lacked an image, and adding a few stamps stamps to the database, StampManage crashed.  (See my previous posting.)  Ever since, although the program seems as functional as ever, the country Nauru has disappeared from the StampManage catalog.  The additions I was making at the time were in that country.  My additions have NOT disappeared, but are now in My Collection, under "Not in Database".  When I display the stamps in that folder, all my information is displayed except Country.  I had hopes that when I installed the next StampManage update, the listing of countries in the catalog would re-index and the list would be complete again.  However, I loaded the latest update about 30 minutes ago, and Nauru is still missing.  (See the listing above.)

A.  How can I recover the catalog records for Nauru, and restore Nauru to the country list?

B.  How can I avoid 'losing' another country in the future?

C.  How can I move stamp records not displaying a Country field back to their proper country?


Gerry F.


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I admit to being a 'menu guy' rather than a 'button guy'.  I had to look at the screen to see what you were talking about, but having done so, I see the possibility of inadvertently hitting the "X" button while trying to open "My Collection".  (I assume the X is the Remove button.)  I seldom delete in this program, but I have created some accidental duplicate records I later killed.  The proximity of the X to the "Collections" menu makes your idea very possible.

I will try a re-install tomorrow or Thursday, time permitting.  Thanks for the tip.

Gerry F


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I re-loaded StampManage this evening from my original download.  The Re-install seemed to run without problems.  When the re-install was complete, I opened the catalog, and discovered that Nauru is still missing from the country listing.  Must I do a complete new download?  My problem was not with the install files - only with the main program.  As soon as you advise a good address to send the crash dump to I will send .  That might explain where Nauru went (I hope).

Gerry F

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