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How to tell what changed between software versions

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How can I tell what was changed between any version of HomeManage, such as between and  I want to know before I upgrade to a newer version.  That way I can look out for issues in those areas, or start using a new feature, or stop using a work-around because a problem has been fixed.  I would hate to upgrade and not know what was changed and suddenly my inventory is corrupt and I've lost days of work.

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Hi, we will start putting the changes made in the WHATS NEW section of the documentation.   Always do local/internet backup before downloading a new version.  We don't change the data file structure often, when we do we spend quite a bit of time making sure a new version will update the database format when you first run it.

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I share Douglas' wish to see what updates / changes have been added before actually downloading and installing the upgrade.

Ideally (and as other software authors have done), a Revision History or What's New document could be posted on your web site or as a sticky forum post in this support forum that always appears at the top of the topic list in a topic called What's New or Revision History.

Ideally the revision history will show a reverse chronological order (most recent at top) listing of the version numbers, release dates, and what enhancements, new features, and bug fixes were implemented in each version release.

Here's a good example of the type of version history I would like to see for Liberty Street Software products:


This version history even includes a download link for the specific software version so you can immediately download the current version (or past versions).

Just my two cents.


Sailor Guy

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Its an interesting marketing strategy to charge for an upgrade which corrects many bugs (for bugs, read software which should do certain things but contains coding  errors so it doesn't!).

I have been upgrading to the latest versions for a few years and whilst some bugs are corrected, some aren't and I have changed the way I work to correct the errors with "work arounds"

I am now in a position where I have it working well for me and whilst I would consider an upgrade for better functionality (and even bug fixes) a full list of what has changed and which bugs have been corrected BEFORE UPGRADING is really a must in order for me to decide whether to upgrade or not!

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Hi, we don't put out a new version until there are several new features / improvements that we feel are worth the upgrade...


To see what is new in the 2018 version, kindly view the online manual at:




open the




Section and click on



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