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Finding missing stamp images


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Unless I am missing something, you can't put images on the column view, nor generate a report of images missing from entered stamps.  Either of these would be useful to find stamps in the collection that the user has but the system does not have an image for.  By definition, the user must have the stamp to bother entering the item into the database. This is valuable information that, if more easily accessible, might encourage users to scan these stamps and submit them to Stamp Manage so to make the program more complete.  As a reminder, one cannot scan stamps from Scott Catalogue pages and submit that - that is copyright infringement.  But it is OK to scan stamps you have in your collection.   To indicate the need for this, I have some 30,000 stamps in my collection and quite a few are missing from the standard database.  I suppose every time I find one missing, I could stop entering collection data, scan the stamp, crop and straighten the image, adjust lighting, import the scan, and go onto the next stamp.  But I would find it preferable (more efficient) if I could do batches of them.

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Hi, yes that would find them for each country and all the stamps of the countries.  I would have to look through hundreds of thousands of lines, compare each with my list of 30000+ items in my catalogs, to find the ones I should copy to send to you.  I don't have enough days left to do that.  I was hoping that there was a way to do the same but with my own collections rather than the whole collection of the database.  For example, if I could see an icon of the stamp in the inventory list for each collection and then sort them,  all of the empty ones should group together.  Just like sorting on the condition of the stamp.  I would even accept some type of sort that would do that but not appear on the list - I would see the lack of an image in the bottom window. (If there is a image and I put it in, the program already has a mechanism to send the data to StampManage).A good thing about each process is that it would also ID the collection and the page number of the stamp for retrieval for the scan.  Then I can use that data to bulk use the Stamp Data Manager to associate each of the new ones with the database, instead of having to do them a few or one at a time, with the long wait associated with closing the Stamp Data Manager.

Any of this make sense?


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