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Current Value Does Not Register


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=== QUESTION ===


When I add coins to Roosevelt Dimes there is a listing for Pre-1964 90% silver. I assume this is for coins just having bullion value and no numismatic value. When I add coins for example 6 with a purchase price of $0.10 the current value does not show up and the purchase price stays at $0.10 even though it should be $0.60. I have many more coins to enter in this category but do not want to include them here if the purchase price and current value are not reported accurately. Any suggestions?


=== ANSWER ===


Hi, you should set the "condition" to B.V.  that will set the value to the current silver spot price.   If you have not downloaded the latest SPOT prices you can do so from the SHOW BULLION VALUES command under the TOOLS menu.


Regarding the COST.  You should enter the total cost of all 6 coins, the reason for this is you may have paid a different price for some of the 6 coins.



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