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i notes from one post that you may not be in business anymore, is that accurate?

can you please advise how many computers I can install this software on per license?

lastly, I am an avid Libertad collector. Is there a means to enter these bullion coins in the database and extract current prices from the web, such as eBay, heritage, legends, David Lawrence etc.?

thanks very much.




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Hi, business is better than ever, not sure where that came from.  Will be releasing CoinManage 2018 late this year.  You can install the program on up to 2 computers.

You can get pricing for coins from eBay and other big dealers by using the eBay completed item search, the COLLECTORS.COM search will also return some good results from various dealers.

We are hoping to add to the Mexico database in the coming months.  You can add new bullion coins to the program database using the COIN DATABASE EDITOR feature under the TOOLS menu.



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On 11/30/2017 at 6:41 PM, Dave Metta said:

When will you be releasing the update and how will it incorporate the coins of México? I’d like to see it fully address the broad spectrum but my specific need is for it to deal with Libertads.

Anyone? Any release date on the horizon and if so will it specifically address coins of Mexico to include Libertads and if so how, as opposed to having a “generic” bullion coin entry/area. Essentially I’d like to be able to treat U.S., Canadian and Mexican coins exactly the same as I would with my U.S. coinage including all available options. Is this going to be possible or will there be differences in how the categories are treated?

Have a great holiday!



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