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Bar Code reader

Guest joe

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Hi coin manage group,

I am new to the program so sorry if i missed something that i should already know.

I am trying to use a bar code scanner to load my coins and cant seem to get them to read the PCGS codes.

I got a high end reader only to find some notes stating its best to use a wand.  So I ordered a wand and it came in today.

Unitech pen style wand , it seems to read everything else in my office but not the PCGS codes ?

Any help would be great !


Thanks  Joe

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Hi, do you have a printed manual for the scanner? If not, can you search for the manual online.  Just GOOGLE the product name + the text "manual".  There should be a way to adjust the settings of the scanner to make it possible to read the PCGS barcodes.  We are going to change the recommendation for a wand type scanner as we have a few customers who have no problems using a "normal" scanner.

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thanks i will do more digging and see if i cam make t work.


i have review the manual for a 2D scanner and a pen style reader, contacted the scanner company as well. They seem to think its a problem with the plastic case.

Can anybody out there tell me what scanner they are using?

I now how two scanners that dont work !

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Amazon is very good about returning items so I would recommend buying a barcode scanner there..

Return the scanner if it can't read your PCGS barcodes...A vendor on Amazon must accept returns for pretty much any reason.

Try to avoid the cheap Chinese scanners with "too good to be true" pricing.

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Hey Coin Manage Thanks for the reply on how to get my money back for the scanner. I am well aware that I can return it. What I am trying to do here is use your program as advertised. I would like to input the info from the scanner to the program. This is one of the selling points that you say we can do.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT SCANNER WILL WORK  you mush have given it a try when writing the reports or have some idea form other users.




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