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China, Peoples Republic stamp errors


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The following stamps seem to be in error in the 2018 software: 641 and 643.  More may be wrong in the neighborhood.  Reference Scotts 2018 page 2A398.  In most errors, the software is inconsistent in itself (pictures don't match data), but in these cases, all the data seems wrong (inconsistent with the reference).  This was a hard error to find. 

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Guest colin@colinpattrick.com

Found CHINA a major mess of 'Republic' & 'Peoples Republic' Database errors & Image errors.

I created my own Country Names using some CountryID and creating my own New ID Numbers. 

Hope this helps:-

Countries by ID Number
CountryID CountryName
850 China + and Republic of China (NOT 'PEOPLES' REPUBLIC)
228 China Republic Taiwan (Formosa)
573 China Republic 1N) Kwangtung
637 China Republic 2N) Meng Chiang (Inner Mongolia
2 China Republic 3N) Honan
5 China Republic 4N) Hopei
166 China Republic 5N) Shansi
167 China Republic 6N) Shantung
218 China Republic 7N) Supeh
703 China Republic 8N) North China
165 China Republic 9N) Shanghai & Nanking
897 China Republic - North Eastern Province
916 China Republic - Fukien Province
917 China Republic - Hunan Province
918 China Republic - Hupeh Province
928 China Republic - Kansu Province
919 China Republic - Kiangai Province
920 China Republic - Kwangsi Province
925 China Republic - Manchuria -Kirin and Hellungkiang issue
921 China Republic - Shensi Province
175 China Republic - Sinkiang Province
922 China Republic - Szechwan Province
923 China Republic - Tsingtau Province
924 China Republic - Yunnan Province
927 China Republic, - Offices in Tibet
890 China, Peoples Republic of China
704 China, Peoples Republic 1L) NorthEast China
777 China, Peoples Republic 2L) Port Arthur and Dairen
889 China, Peoples Republic 3L) North China
710 China, Peoples Republic 4L) North West China
480 China, Peoples Republic 5L) East China
836 China, Peoples Republic 6L) Central China
192 China, Peoples Republic 7L) South China
201 China, Peoples Republic 8L) SouthWest China
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