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Proper way to register sheets with multiple Scott #'s


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Hello, I just started using StampManage 2018.  I only collect sheets of US stamps.  When the Scott# is the only stamp on a sheet, the current mechanism works fine.  However, for stamps that have multiple Scott #'s on a sheet how am I supposed to enter all the Scott#'s into the database but only have them price out for one sheet?  Currently, if there are multiple Scott #'s (i.e. 1827-1830) the software now reports that I have four sheets of stamps (one for each Scott#), when I only have one.  If I were to just put in the first Scott#, I wouldn't show that I own the other stamps.  I couldn't find anything on this forum or on the YouTube videos that addresses this situation. 

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Hi, the program does not currently have a way to inventory an item like that unless there is a separate SCOTT number for the sheet you own.

We do have many sets of stamps listed such as SCOTT 2715-2718 in the USA section.

  You could create a new item in the stamp database that has the SCOTT field set to "1827-1830", then in the VARIETY field specify it is a sheet.  You would need to provide your own value.


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Why does the program then assign a full value for a sheet with just one of the Scott#'s, when it is impossible to have a sheet of that stamp as it only comes in a series?  It seems like the program would not assign a sheet value for a stamp that can't be a sheet.  

To get me unblocked, it seems like the best method would be for me to pick the first Scott# in the series and say it is a sheet and then put an individual unused stamp for the rest of the series (i.e. #1695 shows a value for the entire sheet but that's impossible as the entire sheet would require 1695-1698).  Then I get the updates on the value of the "real" sheet, show inventory for all the other stamps (so I don't try to buy them at a show or something). 


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