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Save asset pictures in specific directories

Guest Edwin

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You add an entry for a dining table to your Dining Room location and you have a picture of it.  This picture will be placed in the AssetImages directory - when saved it will be named Asset1(1).jpg and Asset1(1)THUMB.jpg; this 1 table picture will then turn into 2 pictures in HomeManage.  What I want to do is create a directory called DiningRoom under AssetImages and place my 2 table pictures in there.  The text entry for my dining table would then have to be mapped to \AssetImages\DiningRoom\ Asset1(1).jpg and \AssetImages\DiningRoom\ Asset1(1)THUMB.jpg.  I can load the original picture from anywhere but I want to be able to save it in my DiningRoom directory; there would have to be a 'save as'-type dialogue box where I can specify my exact save location.  This way I do not end up with 1000 pictures in the one AssetImages directory.  Would be a nice feature.  Can this be considered ?

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Great idea. There are several ways to compartmentalize the images, including using the asset number as a folder. If that's done, then you could include attachments in the asset folder for each asset. For example, PDF of the warranty or user manual for a purchased device or appliance.

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