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Robert B

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Hello Admin

Is it possible to update the reporting data source so that the relationship between Attachments and Asset tables are shown?  Similar to the way Asset and NotebookItem are displayed.
I would like to create a report that displays the path for the Attachments associated with my Assets.
I've attached a picture of Select Data Source options in the "Create A Report" tool I was using as reference

Thank you for your help,
Great product
Robert B



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WIll you also be adding a feature in the new version to allow to scan assets to locations within a location for example office book shelf shelf 1 etc..? have the ability to limitless locations within a location would be an awesome feature.  I purchased you software last year hoping it would allow that. That's a main point I see missing for the need I'm looking for. another example I have items in storage and want to be able to inventory them> I have them on metal racks with plastic containers labeled for example rack 1 shelf 1 container 1 etc?

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On 2/11/2018 at 12:11 PM, admin said:

Hi, yes we will take a look at this.  Will be updating the program for early March.

Paul, Thank you for looking at relating the Attachments table with the Asset table for reporting.  Looking at the raw data this may be harder than I thought.

Would it be possible to ADD an URL field to the notebook items table?  I could then move all of my attachment paths to that field and use all of the existing reporting capabilities in Notebook item.

Please, please (smile)

Rob Bland

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