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Adding Sub locations under a location

Guest Tim A

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Hello Admin,


First I would like to say I love your software. Do you have plans to adding a feature in the new version to allow to scan assets to locations within a location for example office book shelf shelf 1 etc..? have the ability to limitless locations within a location would be an awesome feature.  I purchased your software last year hoping it would allow that. That's a main point I see missing for the need I'm looking for. Another example I have items in storage and want to be able to inventory them> I have them on metal racks with plastic containers labeled for example rack 1 shelf 1 container 1 etc?  I am somewhat of an unorganized pack rat and would love to have that feature so when I go looking for something I know where its at:)  Thanks and sorry I posted this similar question under another topic. 

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Yes If you are talking 3rd level below a room as locations within the room another example say bedroom, closet, shelf, container.  So in this example I may want to get a more precise location than just bedroom.  so a main folder home >Bedroom 1>Closet>Shelfx>containerx in the container-x may have AA batteries in it. Container-y might have AAA batteries as a crude example.  I have been waiting on using the software I bought till that feature is added:) Do you expect it to be out in the March release? Might thought is having the container have a barcode and you could scan it to get a list of contents. 

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Guest Potential User

Does the latest available version include the feature as outlined by Guest Tim A above?

For a home inventory system to be useful, a user needs fine grained access to an item's location. To say that my Rolex watch is in the "Master Bedroom," really doesn't do me any good. Is it in the chest of drawers? the armoire? my wife's jewelry box? my bedside night-stand?

If in the chest of drawers, where exactly? Drawer 1, 2, 3 or 4? Do I need to look through all drawers to find the watch?

I have seen a number of requests for multiple sub-locations (and sub-sub-locations, sub-sub-sub-locations, etc.) I've also read that the feature will be released this year. Perhaps someone from LibertySoftware could enlighten potential users like me as to whether the feature (as described) is already in the 2018 version, or if not, when it is expected.

If it does not look like the feature is on its way any time soon, I see this as an excellent business opportunity and may just decide to put my company's resources toward developing a viable home inventory system.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your prompt reply.

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When will the new version of HomeManage be available; will the next version have the capability of adding sub-locations under one another, i.e., Home - Loft - Bookcase #1 - Shelf #2 - Book Title.


Thank you.

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