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Suggestion for new feature for Duplicates


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I been updating some of my collections and am wondering about duplicate stamps. I could have a separate collection for listing duplicates but that is a lot of work.

How about when the primary stamp is entered on one of the tabs there is a place to enter 'X' number of 'unused' (or mint) and 'X' number of 'used' duplicates. Even without condition or scans it would give a good indication of inventory when included in reports

Brian Hicks (Papa)

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Hi, sorry to be slow getting back but haven't checked in for a bit.

Yes I can use the quantity if they are the same condition, tho usually they wouldn't be kept together in the same album page. The duplicates are mostly filed in glassines. I'll think about it some more and see if I can make it work for me.

I do use the clone function fairly often so between the 2 I can make it work,  I was thinking of keeping the duplicate list as a separate 'collection'. I'll think about it some more and work it out.

Thanks for the suggestions, it helps keep the gray cells working.

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