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Font Size, My Collection, unreadable


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I've just purchased 2018 Deluxe for my father and found out the font size for My Collection is absolutely unreadable. His laptop has a high resolution and windows scalling is set at 250% which is the default and looks great in all apps except this one. 

I just got him a large (27") display FHD 1080p hoping it would mitigate this scalling issue and was extremely disapointed to see that even set at 1920x1080, 100% scalling, the text remains absolutely unreadable.

I noticed there are multiple thread on this very topic including one where the setting for font scalling is mentioned but as said by other users, it does not affect anything. 

This is a major problem making the application almost unusable and it was reported back in December 2017. Any plans on fixing this or any work around would be much appreciated. 


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Try reducing the screen resolution on the 27" display. The higher the resolution, the smaller the objects appear. Right now it looks like you are set at max resolution. Lowering the resolution will make the objects bigger. You can also increase the font height in the tools, preferences. Hope this helps. 

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I run 2 monitors, which had different resolutions. I usually had stampmanage on the higher resolution 23" (1920*1080) and as you say the text was small. The other monitor is max at 1600*900 (it is 21" I think) and moving windows and cursors back and forth between them always req'd adjusting window sizes etc. so last month I set the 23" back to 1600*900, which was the max resolution on the 21". Made the stampmanage text much better, it is not a problem for me now. You could try that as ARKCPA said and see how it works and if your other programs are ok with it.

My big screen 4k tv is also hooked to the computer so when I want to see a REALLY enlarged stamp I move things over to it!

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I use StampManage USA 2018. I have an ASUS 24" display with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 (16:10). My StampManage displays are just great!

There is a setting in TOOLS > PREFERENCES named "Font Height For Lists of Stamps" that lets you change the font height for the "List Pane". It DOES work and I actually reduced my font size so that I could see more on the display. If you make a change to the font height via this setting, be sure to click OK on the window and then CLOSE StampManage. When you re-open StampManage, you'll see the change.

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