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Questions about AssetManage


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    1. Is there a newer version (i.e. 2018)? What are the new features? How often do you push out updates and newer versions? Any cost associated with the updates/version?

We will have a major new version out in later 2018.  

    2. The software would be installed in a no-internet local pc. Will the software require an internet enabled pc to activate the software with its license? If the pc would be inoperable then could that same software and license be used?

The activation is internet-based.  It is possible to do a local activation that does not require the internet.

    3. Does the software operate with 1D or 2D barcode scanner/reader?

Yes, that is one of the major features of the program.

    4. Does the software have syncing features that will allow  syncing with barcode reader with memory & batch scanning? This would be useful when doing asset/inventory verification (accountable Vs. missing items).

No, we used to have a windows mobile barcode application but that is obsolete.  We will have some sort of barcode synching at some point later this year.

    5. What barcode scanner/reader with syncing capabilities would you recommend?

The scanners we are targetting are the MC scanners from SYMBOL

    6. Would we get a report of missing and found items?

Yes the ASSET AUDIT feature allows that.  You can also copy and paste a list of barcodes collected from any barcode scanner.  Most barcode scanners allow exporting a list of scanned barcodes to a text file on your PC.

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