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You Can't Fix It If You Don't Know It's Broken!


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I am using StampManage USA 2018. I collect only Commemorative stamps and I am slowly entering my stamp collection into the program. I find that I'm spending a TOO MUCH time correcting the incorrect and erroneous data contained in the built-in database.

Attached is just one small example that occurs VERY frequently. The stamp I added is US Scott #1824. It's "Variety" is noted as "USPS Panel" which is wrong and not even close to the single stamp that it is. There are also other glaring bogus entries in the built-in data. Just who are the two users "epcoach" and "Michael" that created and edited this entry?

Why should I have to pay for "annual upgrades" if I have to spend so much time correcting the supplied data? Even many of the supplied stamp images are very low quality!



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The epcoach name is likely the user name of the person that created the entry.  They may or may not work for  Liberty Street.  This is based upon a discussion with Paul when I pointed out how to submit corrections to database.

When you share you changes,  I do not know their vetting process for database submissions 

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This is VERY aggravating! More stamps improperly tagged as "USPS Panel". Some idiot has no clue what a USPS Commemorative Panel is. It is an 8 1/2" x 11" format printed with photos and story about the subject stamp. There is a space provided to mount the actual stamp. These Commemorative Panels have a different Scott numbering system which are prefixed "CP".

Liberty Street needs to check these user submissions for accuracy before adding to their database! This is a waste of my time having to correct this wrong data! Or, are they just relying on user submissions to correct this crap and then turn around and charge for an upgrade?




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Guest Montgannee

I agree; in addition, the new panels are not being entered into the commemorative panel folder section, just under general issue.  I really want to put mine there!!

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