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Bug: User-defined field doesn't show up when adding asset


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I use several user-defined fields to track information about my assets. Of them, I use 6 text fields to allow me a choice for unique field names per asset. For example, I have created the following user-defined text fields:

  1. User Field 20 is labeled "Field 1 Name"
  2. User Field 21 is labeled "Field 1 Value"
  3. User Field 22 is labeled "Field 2 Name"
  4. User Field 23 is labeled "Field 2 Value"
  5. User Field 24 is labeled "Field 3 Name"
  6. User Field 25 is labeled "Field 3 Value"

When creating a new asset, fields 20 - 24 above show up in the "Custom Fields" tab (which I renamed from "User Fields") of the Item Properties dialog box, but field 25 does NOT show up. This appears to be a bug. Can you verify or point out what I'm doing that's causing the issue?




From the screenshot above, you can see that "Field 3 Value" is missing from the input dialog box.

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As a secondary request -- a feature request rather than bug check -- it would be nice if it were possible to associate some user-defined fields in such a way that the value for one field is used as the label for the the associated field. For example, in the example above this would mean that when an asset is selected that uses the associated user-defined fields described above, in the preview window below the selection pane, the value in the "Field 1 Name" would appear as the field name, and the value in the "Field 1 Value" would appear as the value that field. To make it concrete, suppose an item has these values for the user-defined fields, and say "Field 1 Name" is an associated field of "Field 1 Value" and so on. The the data belowAssocCustomFieldExample.PNG.45e092d7fee0829f05526544fae41b5b.PNG

would appear in the application preview window like standard fields do:


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