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Bug: User-defined date field doesn't allow 2-digit month/day


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I've created 2 user-defined date fields to capture shipped date and received date in HM 2017. When adding an asset I attempted to put a two-digit day in the day part of the field and when pressing the second digit of the day, the cursor advances to the next field (year) and places the number I typed in the year field. The same phenomenon happens when I try to use a two-digit month -- the second digit of the month gets placed in the day field.

Is this a bug or something about the configuration I have created?




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Hi, we are trying to reproduce this problem and cannot. Attached is a screenshot of what we see when adding an asset with 2 user defined dates.  Can you show a screenshot of what you see when adding an asset in this same section? Thanks.

we were able to fix the problem with duplicate USER DATE FIELD 1 entries.


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I noticed the format in your snippet above is yyyy-MM-dd. See my snippet for comparison (it is M/d/yyyy). I see no place to change this formatting.


I attempted to enter the same dates in your example above, April 12, 2011 and November 21, 2017, but using the M/d/yyyy formatting expected in my application. See the pics below for the final result. What happens is the month placeholder will only accept 1 digit, even though the cursor can be moved 1 place in the field, demonstrating that there are 2 places in the field. So for April 12, 2011, I tried entering digits in this order with no spaces: 4122011. The day field only accepts the first digit, then the cursor jumps to the year field, where it places the 2 in 12 followed by the first 3 digits of 2011. I got an error beep on the last digit of 2011. Afterwards, I entered the Received Date typing the following digits with no spaces: 11212017. I got the error beep on the last two digits, 17. Below are the results:




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Thank you for this work-around. I tested it and it works, but I don't know what else I broke with this change. I hope you will fix this issue in the next update to HomeManage. I still see it as an issue (and your suggestion as a work-around) for this reason. If there are other applications on my machine that are like HomeManage, this change may break them. If the application is built around a specific date format rather than using the system date format, this issue will always be there. Currently I know of no applications that this will break, but since the change is at the operating system level, it is system wide and can affect all applications, so I'll need to be on the lookout for problems in other applications.



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