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Bug: Cannot delete/replace first image for an asset sometimes


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Occasionally when adding assets to the database, I use a low quality image with the asset just to complete the process of adding the asset to the database. Later I may find a higher quality image that i would like to replace the lower quality image. Sometimes the application will not let me delete this image, if it is the first image for the asset. I haven't seen an issue deleting second, third, fourth, etc. images, just the first one. And the issue is sporadic, so it doesn't always happen. My work around is usually one of two methods:

  1. manually delete the image file from the image folder, then add the high-quality image to the asset through the app interface
  2. manually delete the image file and rename the high-quality image file using the old image's filename (the app is closed while doing this)
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Another issue with images related to this one happens when I use work-around #1 above. Sometimes the application creates a new thumbnail image that is smaller than the original thumbnail was, despite the fact that the image I'm using to replace the old image is higher quality and larger (more pixels) than the older image. The only work-around I've found for that issue is to delete the THUMB image file from the image folder and let the application recreate it.

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