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Stamp Manage Database usage

Al G.

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I have entered and submitted updates to Liberty Software and noticed some differences in how people add information.  

Fields (based upon column names)

1. Variety - Majority of people use this for the Scott design number. A few use it for variety details.

2. Variety Type -  mixed usage. Some use it as definitive/commemorative, others use as Scott design number, also see used to describe why stamp was issues

This is added in the "Type"  box..  For entries created by Liberty Street, I see variation in usage.

Two examples.





3. Variety Notes - mixed usage.

The text entry is called variety comments


I would expect this is where you put the actual specifics about variety (like surcharge, etc)

4. Series

If the stamp is part of a set like definitive, I like to use this for grouping that do not have a name as they would be grouped in an album.

5. Other Text

This text come from the Text on stamp box but also see other information in this field.


6. Definitive/Commemorative

SM uses as indicator for definitive/Commemorative (check box) and shows up as a true/false field. Therefore using another field is redundant unless you want to see definitive/commemorative instead of true.


I wonder about others thoughts and maybe having a guideline on how to use some fields.











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I see this constantly,

1. Also duplication of data in several fields.

2. Multiple info in one field, repeated in other fields, example: series, description, Scott #, perforations, watermarkmark, color, denomination, etc,

3. series info in variety comments

4. Just overall confusion


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