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coins not sortable by mintage amount. Column will not sort mintages in numerical order.


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Hi, many years ago when we were designing the CoinManage database...we had to decide if the mintage field should be a number or a text string.  We made it a text string as there are often instances when the exact mintage is not know.  So for example you may see a mintage "less than 5 known".

the downside of this is that you can't sort on the field properly.  We would have to add another mintage field that is number only

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User Defined Columns 1 and 2 are also text fields and will not allow the sorting you desire under the Mintage (text field) Column.  Since this seems to be important to you, the following process will get you what you want:

1.     Double left-click on one of your coins.  The Coin Property window will open highlighting your coin.  In the right hand pane under Mintage, double left-click on the numeric value highlighting it.  Now right click on the value and copy it.

2.     Bring your cursor up to the Additional Information Tab and open it.  Go down to User Defined 1 and paste the value there.  To save your entry, move your cursor down to bottom of window and left-click on OK.  If you need the Proof numerical value follow the same process above. 

3.     NOW comes the tricky part in order to sort the column.   Adding a space(s) at the beginning of the numeric’s causes the sorting process to look at these spaces first, arrange them by number of space characters, and then numerically, and move them to the beginning of the listing.  The sorting continues arranging the balance of the listing in numerical order.

4.     If for some reason you have one or more coins with no mintage enters they would appear at the beginning in no particular order.  If any mintages numbers have (xxx,xxx) around them you need to remove them as well as any other alpha characters.  All we want to display in user defined 1 and 2 are numerics and commas 123,456,789.


Extreme Example:  If one of your coins has a Mintage of 999,999,9999 (it is eleven characters in length) thus, if another coin has a Mintage number of 99,999 (six characters in length) you would have to add five Spacebar characters in front of your numeric value in order to have the database  sort it correctly.  Look through your Coin Collection and determine the longest mintage character length you have and develop a plan from there.


There is another way to do this. In part one above instead of copying the numeric value and pasting it in user defined columns, you could add you spacebar characters here.  However, the next update will more than likely wipe out all of your effort.

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