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Any way to add more than 4 images to my coins? 4 images is severely limiting me.


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You requested the ability to store more than four images and it was answered (are 16 images enough).  Perhaps it will be done sometime in the near future, and then again, maybe not.  Here is a workaround that I have used for years that will display a reasonable resolution for 8 images.  Once you enter an image in the Coin Properties Editor (Obverse, Reverse, 3, or 4) the basic database image will no longer appear in this area.  So you will need to decide where to apply your best images.  Combine (Obverse/Reverse) of your particular coin and enter it under Obverse and so on for other views of your coin.


This is a FREE photo editor program (PhotoScape v3.7) that easily combines images either vertical or horizontal  http://photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php. You could combine more than 2 images but sacrifice resolution in this process.



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