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Database errors

Al G.

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I overwrite all the database images in the Stamp Manage Program as I find my copies of all the stamps to be significantly superior. Also, I add many of my stamp images for any of the Scott numbers that have no pictures. Both of these situations may be due to the fact that my collection is a specialized collection of high grade United States Revenue Stamps and Telegraph Franks. Anyway, I don't mind working the program overriding the picture database.    

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Most of the database is composed of information submitted by us, the users by clicking on the Tools menu item "Submit user changes to Liberty Street Software" or from the Stamp Data Manager. This makes it subject to occasional errors if we mis-identify a stamp. It also makes the database vulnerable to deliberate data corruption by some users. Today I entered a couple stamps under Bolivia and found the displayed images to be from other countries. I have seen this before so checking other Bolivia images found many erroneous images. I went to the Stamp Data Manager and going through the Bolivia listings deleted all the images not Bolivia. Then I went to the folder for Bolivia images and did the same to make sure they were gone. When I finished the Bolivia images dropped from over 2000 to 730. A lot of frustrating work. I think (hope) not too many countries are this bad. To me this seems it had to be done deliberately, because the erroneous images were from all over the world. I can't see it happening by accident.

How can I keep from getting these back in my database files when I upgrade the next time?


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