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pictures for Spain

Guest Silvan

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Guest Spanish Pictures


A link to my Spanish Stamp Images of 4,250+

It loads into a Folder called "Sync" with a sub-folder "202" (which is the Stamp Manage folder name.

The link is live, so as I add more Spanish Stamps these will appear within the Link. If you have any missing Spanish stamps images then these would be appreciated.

I collect World stamps so Spanish Images are only a part.


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4,700 images as Jpegs with Scott Numbering does take time. However you should see the images loading into Folder "Sync", SubFolder "202", start straight away. If you go back periodically into the folder then more and more images will be downloaded. My World collection of 310,000 images took 6 hours to load to my laptop.

The sync works in the background and its speed is dependant on the number of people accessing the link

Please note that this is a live link. As I edit (e.g. I made a mistake) then I correct it and this is reflected in the live feed. As I add more Spanish Stamp images then this is also updated in the live feed you are seeing. 

You are seeing a live link to my stamp database of images.

I have at present no intentions of stopping this live link, but if this should happen, you will not be able to view the live link. However there is nothing stopping you copying/pasting the images to a new file on your computer which i have no control over.

Regards colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom

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