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Curreny alert, cannot change the data

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After update to HomeMange 2018 version my original data cannot be edit anymore because of the alert shown below.

I use Win 10. The currency shown in the edit pane is € and the seperator is .. (two dots) . When I try to edit the field, the curreny sign is not shown and the .. (two dots) become a . (one dot), but it is not editable unless you delete the amount.


How can I restore the data or prevent the alert?

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On 8/24/2018 at 3:23 PM, admin said:

Hi, by separator do you mean the decimal separator?  Will try to duplicate the problem here and fix.  I'm pretty sure it is because the decimal separator is 2 characters.

Here is an example.


The Repl.Cost value is shown and the Estimated Value is in edit-mode. 

When you push the OK-button the first mentioned alert pane is shown.

The seperator is just one a dot. I do'nt know why in the show-mode two dots are visible.


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is that a comma or a dot you enter for 44.79?  So when you leave the field it becomes 2 dots?  We will take a look not sure why that is happening.

If you look at your WINDOWS CONTROL PANEL currency formatting settings.  Is the decimal separator set to what you expect?  HomeManage takes the currency formatting directly from the CONTROL PANEL

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