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Cannot find required Windows Registry Settings

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I downloaded HomeManage (from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/AssetMngH.exe) and installed it to my system running Windows 10 Pro (v. 1803 Build: 17134.285). During the install process I changed the location of Data, AssetImages and Reports (for security, I run my system with an account that does not have administrative privileges, and the setup process was trying to put the data directories in my administrative account's profile, which generally causes problems for normal accounts that do NOT have permissions to access administrator profiles) but left the default program location at the default "Program Files (x86)."

After installation, the install process stated that a reboot was neeeded. I rebooted the system and could not find program shortcuts either on the desktop or on the Programs Menu. When I started AssetMng.exe directly from the Program Files directory, I receive the following message:



Cannot find required Windows Registry Settings.

Possible Causes:

1/ AssetManage was not installed on this machine using the setup program

2) The Registry settings were manually deleted.

Please install AssetManage again.


I've reinstalled HomeManage again several times (running the setup program as a normal user and as Administrator), but the results are the same every time. No shortcuts and the error message above.

I would appreciate your help in getting the program going.

Thank you.

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Hi, HomeManage stores various program settings in this part of the WINDOWS REGISTRY

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\HomeManage

after you run the SETUP do you see any entries in this section?

you can look at the WINDOWS REGISTRY by running the REGEDIT.EXE program that is included with WINDOWS.

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Hello admin,

Thank you for your reply. The key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\HomeManage" exists, but is empty. I've attached a screen shot.

I'll await your further instructions.


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