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Variety database in at least 3 levels to search

Guest Poul Erik Malmbaek

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Guest Poul Erik Malmbaek


I am a Dane researching some Danish stamps for varieties. At this moment our small Group has more than 1,000 different varieties in at least 3 pieces of each. To let more people - especially youngsters - participate our Group has the opinion Things must be easy, graphical and computer based.

To do this we are looking for a database where the front page should be the stamp and it should be possible to click at fx a corner if you just found a small dot there. When clicking at the corner this might be parted in some further pieces to click at or it would contain a lot of colored dots, colorless dots and what else there was at this stamp as varieties. If the corner was parted in more pieces these smaller pieces should contain all the minor dots. When clicking at one dot you then should have the stamp(s) this was on (until now not seen more than 3 with the exact similar spot) with all the further varieties possible at this stamp. This would give you the possibility to make a variety collection within the time a youngster would like to use - no longer than collecting small football Cards or similar.

QUESTION: is there anyone out there WHO whould like to try making that kind of a database to a Group of 8 stamp researchers trying to do the impossible without using much Money. The stamps we are researching is the absolute cheapest Danish stamps, and we are sure this kind of database where researchers must fill their own research in on the very exact place for each dot, giving Things away as freeware afterwards will get a lot more to do something about what they always did and now telling the Next generation more about it.

If you think - I really would love to do this for free, just send me an email at poul.erik(at)malmbaek.dk

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