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How to use two currencies

Guest Bryan

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You can put down a request to be able to use 2 currencies (or more). However in the meantime i have most entries using the default currency used by Windows, but some of the entries i would like to indicate in a secondary currency. There are the 'User Currency Field 1' and 2, but these have to be currency amounts. I could set a User Defined Field as 'Currency Type' and then enter 'CAD/USD/Euro'.

Just wondering what might be the best approach to take until HM supports multi-currency?



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Hi, we will at some point put in a new field that will let the user specify the currency of the item. I can't really think of a workaround at present unless you want to enter the CURRENCY in one of the user defined text fields for future refereence.

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I ended up using the boolean fields to indicate if the purchase was made in USD or EURO, my default is CAD. I then set the currency field 1 to the amount in USD, and #2 in Euro. While not ideal since i'm not going to retroactively do the conversion of USD/Euro->CAD at the time of purchase, this will at least give me which purchases were in USD/Euro and the totals.


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