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Microsoft Jet database engine error message

Guest Kristin M.

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Guest Kristin M.

I have been using StampManage 2018 for several weeks now but in the last few days I have gotten the following error message several times. As far as I can tell it happens while I am modifying the Scott catalogue number for a stamp that is already in my collection. Specifically, I have entered  souvenir pages using the Scott number for the individual stamp and just used "souvenir page" as the format without realizing that the souvenir pages have their own Scott catalogue number. I try to edit the stamp details by adding an "a" after the Scott number and then click "OK." The following error message sometimes pops up and when I hit "OK" the database becomes corrupted somehow and shows the wrong info when I click on any other stamp in my collection. However, if I then close out of StampManage and then reopen it I am able to successfully go back and edit the stamp details with no problem and everything goes back to normal. This has happened between 5 and 10 times in the last 2 days. Strangely, it doesn't happen every time I try to amend the Sott number, so I can't figure out what specifically is causing this error. Any help would be appreciated!586050315_errormessage.JPG.4ce035828e97ea528fdc961c524c35d7.JPG

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